GEIO Member Spotlight of the Month: Safeguard Global
22 March 2024
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Feb. 7, 2023 —The Global Employment Innovation Organization (GEIO) is excited to feature Safeguard Global in its first monthly member spotlight. Safeguard Global is well known for their groundbreaking contributions to the employment sector and embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence in the global workplace.

More about Safeguard Global

Our vision is to forever transform the way people work around the world and we seek to accomplish that by equipping organizations with the technology, local market expertise and service to adapt to an ever-shifting global workforce. At Safeguard Global, we are passionate about the success of the global worker. We partner with organizations to recruit, hire, pay, analyze, and manage the people and operations that power their businesses. We help advance the future of work by building solutions for organizations expanding around the world.

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 “In founding GEIO along with our fellow founding members, we seek to advance our mission and empower workers and organizations alike to hire globally and compliantly. Through GEIO we hope to set forth standards for global hiring and foster a space where those interested and involved in global employment can be empowered through shared resources, ideas, and experiences.” — Jen Grunewald, GEIO Board Member