GEIO Announces 2024 Board of Directors
25 March 2024
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Non-Profit Trade Association Includes 8 Stakeholders working to Promote Global Employment and its Service Providers

BOSTON, Mass., March 25, 2024 — The Global Employment Innovation Organization (GEIO) recently announced their newly elected 2024 Board of Directors. This dynamic group is representative of some of the leading and established companies in the global Employer of Record (EOR) industry.

GEIO’s Board of Directors is comprised of some of the industry’s top thought leaders in the EOR and global employment services industry. The group is committed to bridging the gap between the remote work revolution/demand for global workforce solutions and employment regulations. Together, they are working to develop the industry through standards, advocacy, education and the formulation of ideas that will help shape the future of global employment practices.

The 2024 Board of Directors includes the following organizations and representatives:

  • Adrienne Drew, G-P/ Globalization Partners
  • Jen Grunewald, Safeguard Global
  • Noor Gidwani, Papaya Global
  • Aubrie Ekman, Velocity Global
  • Chelsey Griggs, Atlas HXM    
  • Scott Aicher, CXC Global Management
  • Miranda Zolot, Oyster
  • Caroline Esser, Rippling

About GEIO

GEIO is the Global Employment Innovation Organization: a nonprofit trade association focused on maturing, elevating, and expanding the global employment and EOR ecosystem.

GEIO’s mission is to develop best practices and global awareness of the global employment industry to benefit employees, employers, service providers, and regulators. It drives its mission through      advocacy, education, and joint research.

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